Barbara Hauser


Due to the COVID-19 I finally find the time to renew my home page :)

There is always a positiv side.


In the last two years I have been pretty busy.

I formed a group of artists working in the style of my art gods and travel to an Island in Thailand to work there under tropical sky. First god was Paul Gauguin. We painted at least a 100 paintings for the groups exhibition on 28th of March but the Virus came inbetween our plans. So this exhibition is postponed to hopefully end of 2020. 


I am joining for the first time the Archibald Prize this year as well. My model is Linda Haggar, friend, artist and comedian. But this years Archibald Prize is postponed as well. The painting is ready to go and I can wait.


Since four years I am working on my "Uganda" exhibition. This exhibition will be held in the Hofburg in Innsbruck also at a later time because about the Virus. Everything is postponed so far. I will send the new dates on this homepage as soon as I have them. You can find the paintings for the "Uganda" exhibition in the "Africa" folder here.


Right now you can see my "Indiginous Australiens" exhibition at 

the Convent Gallery in Daylesford.



Please stay save and have a wonderful time,